Stand-ins on new Channel Ten game show Cram


Pete Hellier is hosting a new game show featuring two teams of comedians as they test test their memories across a series of general knowledge categories. Our stand-ins were there to help with the rehearsals prior to the recording in front of the studio audience. We often have stand-ins attend reality tv shows, the have to fit the rough build and colouring of the stars of the show so that the lighting sound and camera crew get a chance to rehearse camera positions before the live show. In this case, our team got to stay on set for the filming too as part of the studio audience.

MCTV kids in promo for Fox Footy


We had a bunch of footy playing kids head off for a promo for the Fox Footy show this week. You can just imagine how excited they were.

Submitting for exciting new series Mr Inbetween


Mr Inbetween is about a charismatic hitman Ray Shoesmith who also juggles the demands of being a dad, spending time with his mates and perhaps even having a love life. It’s the the first Aussie crime drama produced in this country by FX. Ray Shoesmith was a character in a mockumentary called The Magician a few years back, you can check out the trailer below.

New ABC series Pulse starts tonight

75 MCTV actors appear on the new TV series The Pulse in both background and featured roles. Claire van der Boom stars as successful high-flier Frankie Bell and her life “is brought crashing to earth by chronic kidney failure (so) she targets an alternate future” . Checkout the trailer below:

New web series promo

Avalon Now

Advertisers are now using web series to help promote their brands. The mockumentary Avalon Now was an extremely successful campaign for Domain and that means there will be many more series just like it. For people working in film and TV, it’s great news. More content gets funded so there are more creative outlets and more jobs. Just this week we sent a handful of actors off to shoot a new web series but we are expecting these productions to get bigger, better and more frequent. If you missed Avalon Now you can check out the trailer below.

Have you got 70’s hair?

70's hair

A bunch of our actors have been on a go see this week for a new movie that is set in the 1970’s. We often need people to appear in movies set in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s and if you have the look, you should come in and talk to us about joining our agency.

65 MCTV actors on The Other Guy

The Other Guy follows “a successful radio host who finds himself unexpectedly back in the dating pool for the first time in a decade, after discovering his long-term girlfriend has been having an affair with his best friend”. Perhaps you remember the star of the series Matt Okine, former breakfast host for triple J. 65 of our MCTV actors have joined him in background and featured roles for this new series premiering on Stan on August 17.

Featured roles in TV commercials

featured commercials

Congratulations to Josephine Carrabs who landed a featured role in a a new Vodafone Ad, Marc Leong and Mitchell Chapman for their featured roles on a Domain Commercial and Lucas Grundy for his featured role on a new Woolworths commercial. There were also lots of background roles in Doctor Doctor, The Secret Daughter, Ads for McDonalds, Athletes foot and the Red Cross last week. Well done to everyone.

Lead role in H&R Block Commercial

A huge congratulations to Johanna for her lead role as an accountant in this H&R Block Commercial. Johanna joined our agency in January this year and has been landing background roles in a variety of productions including Bundaberg Rum, NRL, The Checkout, Top of the Lake, Pulse, Love Child, AHM, Suncorp, Woolworths, Commbank, Doctor Doctor, The Secret Daughter and now she has her first main role in a TV Commercial. In my humble opinion, she has done a fantastic job. We look forward to many more great roles Johanna.

Upgrades for Nike commercial

Nike Runners

A couple of months ago we had over 100 people appearing in a new Nike commercial. Now that shooting has finished and the editors have put together the footage, it turns out that a few of our extras will be getting an upgrade payment. This is reasonably common in fact. Sometimes a particular performer will appear in the foreground of a shot rather than as part of the background, in other cases they might be asked to say a couple of lines. It’s times like this that the agent representing the performer (that would be us), negotiates a higher fee for that appearance. Pretty sweet hey!