New SBS series Dead Lucky starting production soon


Dead Lucky, which has been funded by Screen Australia, takes place on a perfect Sydney day, when the lives of two feuding detectives, a share-house of international students, a pair of corrupt shop owners, a grieving widow and a gunman all collide, leaving one dead and another missing.

Update : TV series shooting in Sydney

Last month we posted about the seven TV series that MCTV people were working on, well now it is nine. With many series taking several months to produce, many of them are still filming. We also have some new series like The Secret Daughter and The Easybeats that have recently started.

Cannes to make history with screening of first TV show – (and it was filmed in Sydney!)

As I write this, I can’t really believe that it’s true. Last year 196 actors from MCTV were involved with the shooting of season 2 of Top Of The Lake: China Girl. If it wasn’t exciting enough to be working on set alongside Elisabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman, now the production has the honour of a history making achievement. Tonight (23rd May 2017), Top of the Lake will be the first ever television series to be screened at this prestigious festival. It gives you a good idea of the effort and diligence that went into this production. I just can’t wait to see it. In the meantime, here’s the trailer for the new season.

For several years, the broadcast industry has been talking of a “golden age of television” which has seen Hollywood talent flock to the small screen.

Source: Cannes to make history with screening of first TV show – starring Nicole Kidman

Around 100 background actors on new Nike Ad

Nike Runners

Last week we had around 100 people “Just doin’ it” for Nike. Lots of fit runners for this one and other commercials shooting for Citibank and Vodafone.

Michael Fassbender on why he loved shooting Alien: Covenant in Australia

It’s great to see big name actors spreading the word about filming in Australia. The MCTV actors who worked on the Alien movie certainly enjoyed the opportunity. To read the full article see the SMH website.

During shooting of Alien: Covenant, Bondi Beach became Michael Fassbender’s local. “I loved getting up and being by the ocean there. The town, the food, the people: it was my favourite location shoot for sure.”

Source: Michael Fassbender on why he loved shooting Alien: Covenant in Australia

Follow up to Kenny to start production soon


Remember Kenny? The classic mockumentary about an Aussie dunny man. Well, it looks like a follow up movie is about to go into production. Screen Australia has funded a new feature called Sibling Rivalry starring real life brothers Clayton and Shane Jacobsen. The film tells the story of two brothers who, with their mother at deaths door, go to extreme and deadly lengths to protect their family inheritance. At this stage, the filming locations are unknown.

Lego Movie Sequel Production in Sydney


We are huge fans of the Lego Movie franchise and Animal Logic, the amazing animation and VFX team who are based here in Sydney. We were surprised to get a call for some actors for the new Lego Movie last week since animated movies like these normally require voice acting only. While we haven’t been told exactly what the actors will be doing at this stage, it’ probably  for motion capture. Either way, we are happy to be a part of it.

Shooting season two of The Secret Daughter


We just sent our first actors off to the set of The Secret Daughter to shoot scenes for season two. Last year we had almost 50 actors working on small parts from April through to June. If last year is anything to go by, shooting will go right through until July.

68 MCTV actors on Love Child season 4

With shooting of the final episodes still continuing, here’s hoping we crack the 70 or 80 mark. The season premiere has been well received and I know there will be loads of fans hoping for another season. Thanks to all the MCTV people who worked on the show and the production team for doing such a great job.


More than 30 actors on Aussie thriller Indigo Lake

With scenes filming late 2015 in and around Sydney, Indigo Lake has recently premiered at the Dendy in Canberra and Sydney Opera Quays. The trailer looks great, we are hoping it get’s more distribution soon. Keep an eye on for updates.