Working on Set

  • Have fun on set

    It’s usually a pretty enjoyable experience being on set. You often have a chance to be in the presence of big stars and see how the film and tv industry works. You will usually be fed well and be paid very well for your time. Make the most of it!

  • Pay close attention to the instructions you receive from MCTV

    MCTV will send you instructions about where to be and what to wear on the day. You will need to ensure that you know where you are going and that you arrive on time. It reflects badly on you and MCTV if you hold up the production by arriving late.

  • Listen carefully to instructions on set

    Whilst on set you will be told exactly what you should be doing. Try to listen carefully and follow the instructions without causing a fuss.

  • Don’t violate confidentiality

    For most productions, you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement which prevents you from discussing the details or posting photos of the production. This is to ensure that the details of the production don’t get leaked to the media before it is time for the public release.

Getting Submitted for Acting and Extras Jobs

  • TV or Film Production Contacts MCTV

    When a new Film or TV Series is about to be produced, the company will send us a brief that explains the type of people they are looking for. It might include things such as the sex and age range along with ethnicity, special skills. Often the brief includes what kind of look they want eg. sporty, business, edgy, unusual character etc. The brief will also include information about what is expected of the person in the role, if it is a role for an extra or a speaking part.

  • MCTV responds with suggestions

    MCTV responds to the production company with some suggestions. MCTV bookers use our database to find the people who match the criteria. If your photo is part of a submission, you will receive an email letting you know that your profile has been put forward and a short description of the role. The production company will narrow down their choices based on the photographs and discussions we have we them.

  • We check your availability

    If you are selected from the initial submission, we will contact you by text to see if you are available for a casting and/or production dates.

  • Talent may be asked to attend a casting

    Once the production has narrowed down the suggestions, they may ask to see some of the talent for a short casting. For some extras jobs, the production company may skip this step. Depending upon the role, this may be as simple as a quick photograph and a discussion in person through to speaking to camera for more advanced roles.

  • Talent are selected for the production

    If you get selected for the production, we will contact you to let you know. You may be asked to go for wardrobe fittings before the actual day but you are normally paid for attending these.

Getting Started with MCTV

  • Apply for an Interview

    One of our bookers will get back to you with a proposed time by email. If it doesn’t suit, you can reschedule your appointment online by clicking the link in the email.

    Our booker will go through what type of work is happening currently and what you might be suitable for. They will also go through the rates of pay and the fees for our services.

  • Photographs and Casting Networks

    This can happen on the same day as your interview or you can come back another day.

    We take some head shots and body shots and put the best two onto our system. We also create a profile for you on all the major industry casting networks. Your profile will include your basic measurements, skills, Film and TV experience and training.

    If you think you would like to have your photos done on the same day as your interview, it’s best if you avoid wearing white as it tends to blend into our background.

  • You receive a welcome email and we start submitting you

    Your welcome email will have a copy of your photograph attached and instructions about your casting networks profiles. It also includes other important information about working with MCTV. Once you have received the email, your profile is online and we will begin submitting you for work. You will receive an email each and every time we submit you. When you are selected from your photos you can expect a text message or phone call so stay tuned.