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  • Mamamia Baker
    Mamamia Baker
    7 days ago
  • Ikam Aniokop
    Ikam Aniokop
    1 month ago
  • Zac Salameh
    Zac Salameh
    1 month ago
    So helpful and they really do, do their job and do it well! I've been with them before and this time already I've resigned up and they have already got 2 jobs for myself and hopefully my experience will grow into something more with their help :). Honestly an awesome agency
  • David MacPhail
    David MacPhail
    1 month ago
    I love these guys! I joined MCTV off the street in March last. Within a week I was on set at my first TV commercial! I made my joining fees back straight away and continue to get work through MCTV on a regular basis! I have done about 20 commercials and numerous TV shows and movies. I've had some awesome experiences.ive learnt so much about the industry. My only regret is that I didn't join sooner. I have made some really great life long friends and am amazed at the support and genuine warmth of Paul and the team! Thanks Guys!
  • Vicki Gard
    Vicki Gard
    1 month ago
    Excellent - Fantastic - Great - Professional ! Pay the money and enjoy the ride ahead, but strap on your seatbelt tight and be ready! Love you Paul!
  • Rebecca Matthews
    Rebecca Matthews
    1 month ago
    Big thanks to the energetic & hardworking team at MCTV! I've had a range & variety of work every week that I've been available, since I signed up in late February this year. I'm a working Actor and I know and trust that Paul and the team at MCTV are working for me behind the scenes all the time. You pay an administrative/membership fee with any agency that you want to sign with and photos can be very expensive on top of that. With MCTV the fee is minimal & photos are included and updated as often as necessary without extra cost. I've done my market research over the years and I am confident that I'm in good hands at MCTV 🌟
  • Johanna Goldshmid
    Johanna Goldshmid
    1 month ago
    I joined MCTV in January 2017 and it's been the most amazing time for me. I've received work almost every week, ranging from being a background extra in television shows, commercials and a web series to being cast as the lead role in a commercial. When you join the agency you pay to be on their books. This fee includes being submitted for every role you're suitable for (match the brief by casting directors/agents) and unlimited photo updates for your profile. If you're reliable, available and enthusiastic about being on set, you'll enjoy your time with MCTV. Signing up had been life changing for me and I look forward to seeing what the future will bring for myself and the actors and extras I've meet on set through MCTV so far! Thanks so much Paul and MCTV!!!
  • Kirby Frances
    Kirby Frances
    3 months ago
  • Candy Wong
    Candy Wong
    3 months ago
    Today 5/6 /2017 , i went to MCTV for first interview at 11:11am. I have been done this thing as same in Hong Kong. I had two agencys in that long time agos .Just one of agencys had job provided. The other agency asked me to do Model training course and took picture after that no job to provide me. Spent Too much money no job provided. Hi guy , Do you think i try this MCTV? The staff was nice , but if i join this agency company,i need to pay $$ for the photography. I haven't have job , i need to pay in advance for this thing. I know this thing it is part of promoting my image. How can i earn those money back? I don't have confidence this , it was basic on experience. Any one can help me to get the answer. I just want to get the normal job.
  • Yeates Quacoe Carley
    Yeates Quacoe Carley
    3 months ago
    A massive thank you / appreciation to the MCTV crew, for giving me the opportunity to have some awesome/fun experiences, whilst getting paid. If you are not signed up to these guys then I suggest you do so ! ��.
  • Mitchell Yao
    Mitchell Yao
    4 months ago
    g'day, i went to this place first time today but didn't like how much we have to pay just to take photographs and wait for call but the place and location was ok lots of famous people and extras was here. te people were nice and we chat for a few moments about the job and in the end i refused but it didn't bother them as i understand so i got to find another job or study into a profession i like that is not acting. tks mctv australia for 15.5.17 today cheers.
  • Tom Wang
    Tom Wang
    4 months ago
    Hi,MCTV,my name is wang dong, i just went for the interview and took pictures in your agency,after taking pictures, I was told something important by your cameraman, as I am a non English-speaking people(still English learner), I'm afraid of any important information loss or misheard, can you email me the essential points as the cameraman told me after taking pictures ? By the way,how can I call you guys?
  • Joel Albon-Harris
    Joel Albon-Harris
    7 months ago
  • Curtis Brown
    Curtis Brown
    7 months ago
    My first job was 'A Model Daughter. The killing of Caroline Byrne'.
  • May Teh
    May Teh
    7 months ago
  • Sonya Mcconville
    Sonya Mcconville
    9 months ago
  • Nadine Alston
    Nadine Alston
    9 months ago
    After being in MCTV for just under a year, I've got so many amazing opportunities given to me, MCTV try's their best to give you as many jobs possible, and I appreciate it greatly!! The workshops they hold, which I attended were a great experience and really helped in boosting my confidence! Now that I'm finished year 12 I can't wait to pursue it further and hopefully get some more work! Highly recommend MCTV!
  • Dalia Basher
    Dalia Basher
    1 year ago
    Mctv is a waste of time and money first of all on the first interview they explained to me that they would not take money from my account without my permission I agreed and paid $45 for each of my 2 children then they said there would be plenty of jobs considering there age. I've been with them almost a year and have not gotten any job yet and also they've been taking money from my account without my permission for the past year